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We offer packaging solutions for food products, consumer goods, gift products, garments, anti-static bags, agrichemicals, agricultural products, and much more. Our packaging portfolio includes standup pouches, retort pouches, box bottom bags, spout bags, side gusset bags, three side seal pouches, paper tin-tie bags, custom shaped bags, and much more.

At Fine Pack, we also focus on providing world-class package bag printing solutions to help our clients to enhance the brand identity of their products. We offer custom printing services using gravure and digital printing technologies. Apart from that, we also offer design services for packaging bags based on the requirements of the clients.

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We use state-of-the-art technology to deliver the highest quality printing and packaging solutions. We have implemented a management system at Fine Pack that complies with the ISO 9001:2008 standards to ensure reliability, value for money, and safe business for our clients.

To ensure consistent product quality standards for our clients, we manage and review our products, services, and other supporting systems regularly. This is the way we improve our service standards and make it top-notch for our clients. Our ever-improving quality standards are the primary reason we could develop an excellent client base across the globe.

With the following state-of-the-art equipment, we produce more than 50,000,000 units per month:

  • Automated 12 colour printing machine
  • Automated 10 colour printing machine
  • Automated 8 colour printing machine
  • Dry laminator machine
  • Slitting machine
  • High-speed laminated bag machine
  • Cold cut bag machine
  • Weld sealed machine
  • One-piece bag machine
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Our equipment is capable of producing 150 meters of packaging bags per minute up toa width of 1.3 meters. This capacity helps us to provide highly reliable services to our customers.

Apart from that, we also have an advanced testing laboratory to ensure that all our products are rigorously tested before dispatching to our clients. Our testing laboratory for quality has the following equipment:

  • Friction coefficient cryoscope
  • Gas chromatography machine
  • Heat sealing meter
  • Digital micrometer
  • Retorting test machine
  • Cold cut bag machine

We welcome you to go through our services and experience quality packaging solutions that can enhance your products and services.

We created our packaging bag design and printing services to fit the needs of all types of businesses, from start-ups to large corporations.

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Fine Pack is a leading name of packaging and printing bag solutions in Australia. We provide packaging and printing solutions to food, agricultural, chemical, consumer goods, garments, and many other industries. You can contact us today by calling (02) 9476 8588 to experience worldclass packaging and printing solutions.