About Us

Fine Pack Australia has over 18 years experience in Plastic Compound Colour Printing.

We are committed to delivering leading technology of the highest quality, which meets the highest possible technical standards and exceeds our clients. Furthermore to ensure safety, reliability and value for money to our clients. To achieve this Fine Pack relies on its experience and the skill and commitment of everyone in the company, working within a management system that meets international standards including  ISO 9001:2008.                  

Fine Pack products include:Fine pack about us

  • Food Packaging - Including coffee bags, freezing bags etc
  • Gift Packaging - including shopping bags etc
  • Garment packaging and bags
  • Chemical Packaging - Including heavy duty, quad seal, anti-slip etc
  • Anti static bags, transparent windows, various handles, punch thru handles, multi layer bags, with or without valves, metric capacity and much much more.

Fine Pack effectively manages, reviews and improves its products, service and supporting systems. Through this approach we have developed long term relationships with some of Australia’s largest grocery store chains, and also in New Zealand, Japan, USA and Canada. Fine Pack occupies a production area of 30,000㎡ and can exceed 50,000,000 units a month thanks to our state of the art equipment including :
Fine pack about us

  • Computer controlled 12 colour printing machine
  • Computer controlled 10 colour printing machine
  • Computer controlled 8 colour printing machine
  • Dry laminator machine
  • Extrusion laminator machine
  • High speed laminated bag machine
  • Slitting machine
  • Weld sealed machine
  • Cold cut bag machine
  • One piece bag machine

With a maximum production width of 1.3 meters and a maximum speed of 150 meters a minute our equipment not only eliminates human error it presents unrivalled efficiency.

Our advanced testing laboratory equipment include :Fine pack about us

  • Friction coefficient cryoscope
  • Heat sealing meter
  • Gas chromatography machine
  • Retorting test machine
  • Digital micrometer