Agricultural products need high-quality packaging bags that can ensure excellent shelf life for products. It is a known fact that a significant percentage of the cultivated agricultural products get wasted during the production and transportation process.

Fine Pack offers a wide range of packaging bags that can ensure extended shelf life for agricultural products. Our packages are flexible, and you can use it to pack nuts, fibres, seeds, and other agricultural products. These bags also showcase excellent temperature control capabilities within the packaging and suitable for both regional as well as international transportation.

We offer bags for agricultural products in different designs, sizes, and colours. You can also get custom packaging solutions from us based on your requirements.

Most of our clients find the following categories of packaging bags highly useful for their agricultural product packaging requirements:

We produce stand up pouches with multiple layers of lamination, including aluminium foil. The layers ensure high-barrier protection for your agricultural products and extend their shelf life. With the gusseted base, these bags are ideal for displaying the products inside them and provides ease of filling.

Our stand up pouches come with a lighter design and provide a number of additional features. Some of these additional features include windows to preview the product, various types of zippers, and much more. We also supply clear stand up pouches to pack agricultural products, and those pouches can better demonstrate the quality of your products to the customers.

Side gussets bags come with gussets on both the sides, and it expands when you fill the pouch with your product. Apart from excellent high-barrier protection, these bags also provide optimal packaging for products. We design and supply different varieties of side gusset bags, including quad seal bags, paper bags, poly bags, foil bags, and much more.

The quad seal bags come with seals in all the four corners. The seals help the bags to get extra support when heavier agricultural products are packed. All our side gusset bags provide excellent shape once filled and highly convenient to palletise and retail.

We also design custom shaped bags to meet your unique agricultural packaging needs. It is also a great way to describe the characteristics of your agricultural products. With smart choices and features, you can increase the shelf life of your products.

You can include a one-way valve to your pouch for releasing the excess air or accumulation CO2 in the bags. While the valve allows the release of air from the bag, it blocks the entry of external air inside the bag. You can also choose a two-way valve to ensure the exchange of air by keeping infestation and dust away.

You can also include different types of zippers to provide hassle-free opening and closing of the package while ensuring maximum protection to the agricultural products.

We also provide high-quality package printing services to offer sleek design to your agricultural product packages.

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