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Bulk Bags

Bulk bags, popularly known as flexible intermediate bulk containers or FIBCs, are a type of container that has extensive industrial applications. Apart from industrial applications, bulk bags are also used for household and commercial purposes.

Fine Pack is one of the leading manufacturers of bulk bags in Australia. We make our bulk bags from flexible fabric, and industrial workplaces find these bags highly useful for storing and transporting various raw materials and products.

FIBC bags are ideal for transporting granules of plastic, sand, fertilisers, and food-grade products. Compared to other containers, these bags give many benefits todifferentindustries.

  • These bags are highly flexible with different filling and discharge options. The bags also showcase excellent safe working loads, or SWLs,that can handle up to 2,000kg.
  • Since Fine Pack manufactures bulk bags from polypropylene, it can be re-purposed to other products. It means that almost all our bags are recyclable and are eco-friendly.
  • Bulk bags are considered to be a cost-effective choice for heavy packaging requirements. Since the bags are lightweight, the bags are economical to ship as well. You can fold these bags into compact size and store in your warehouse more efficiently.
  • The bulk bags are easier to transport and lift compared to other packaging bag options for heavy industrial loads. With edge corner loops, cross corner loops, double loading belts, and additional lift loops, you can easily lift and move your product in bulk bags using crane and forklift.
  • We have designed these bags to help industries with easy filling and discharge options. We offer bulk bags with flap top, filling spouts, skirt top, open top, and much more. Additionally, we include discharge spouts, discharge spout with cover, and discharge spout with safety valve to disburse the products.

While you choose our bulk bags, we also provide you customisation options based on your unique requirements.

We offer bulk bags in various designs and shapes.

  • U-Panel Bags - Two long U-shaped pieces of fabric are stitched along the opposite sides to create a U-shaped bag. The bag has excellent lifting capacity, and it is also one of the most popular bulk bag options for industries.
  • Four-Panel Bags - We make these bags by stitching five to six separate pieces of fabric to cover the four sides, bottom, and top panels. Four-panel bags are an excellent choice for stacking as it holds better shape compared to other bulk bags.
  • Circular Woven Bags - These bags come without any seams and takes the shape of a cylinder. However, we sew the bottom and top panels of the bag, and it is useful to carry hygroscopic materials.
  • Conical Bags - These bags come with a conical shape at the bottom to ensure complete discharge of contents. The bag is ideal for sticky products such as premix floor products and brown sugar.

We also offer lamination for our bulk bags with polyethylene to protect the products from dust and moisture.

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