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The growth of the online packaging industry significantly contributed to the demand for quality cardboard boxes and cartons around the globe. Due to eco-friendly measures and steps, cardboard boxes became one of the finest options for packaging various types of products from food to clothes.

At Fine Pack, we offer an excellent range of cardboard boxes to pack various consumer and industrial products. Our cardboard boxes are custom made to fit the unique business requirements of our clients. These carton boxes are also designed to align with the sustainability missions of various businesses.

Apart from their eco-friendly benefits, corrugated cardboard boxes offer many benefits to businesses.

  • Cardboard boxes are lightweight, and businesses find transporting products in these packages easy.
  • Compared to other packaging options, corrugated cardboard boxes offer excellent protection to the products packed. With rigidity and cushioning qualities, these boxes protect various products during transportation.
  • Choosing cardboard boxes is a highly affordable option for businesses as the raw materials for cardboard boxes are cheap and easily available.
  • Cardboard boxes have excellent printing capabilities, and you can get your packaging boxes printed with logos, product information, and much more using digital, litho, and screen printing options. You can effectively utilise cardboard boxes for better brand promotion.
  • Cardboard boxes can also be recycled and reused, and it adds value to your business.

At Fine Pack, we make cardboard boxes in different shapes, designs, colours, and sizes to perfectly meet the requirements of our various clients.

While we provide customised cardboard boxes to each of our clients, we also design standard boxes that can fit many products. Our standard boxes include slotted boxes, rigid boxes, telescope boxes, self-erecting boxes,folders, and interior forms.

Slotted boxes are made from a single piece of cardboard with flaps on both the top and bottom. Telescope boxes are made from 2-3 pieces of cardboards with separate top and body. We use a single piece of cardboard to make folder boxes, and it is folded around the product.

Rigid boxes are a type of folder boxes with two additional panels fixed to the ends. Self-erected boxes are also made from a single piece of cardboard but scored and slotted for easy setup. Interior forms come with multiple interior dividers, liners, and pads.

Apart from food and online industries, our cardboard boxes are also ideal for packing household electronic appliances, medical instruments, manufacturing products, and much more.

You can also make use of our customised printing services to provide branding promotion for your products. We offer both gravure and digital printing for our packaging bags. You can contact us and forward your logos and images to print them on your cardboard boxes. We can also design brand images for your products if needed.

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