Chemical products need various levels of barrier protection based on their physical and chemical characteristics while packing for the market. The packaging should also ensure the safe handling and transportation of chemical products at minimal costs while ensuring excellent product visibility.

Fine Pack offers packaging solutions for a wide variety of chemical products such as resins, polymers, moisture/oxygen sensitive materials, agricultural chemicals, and much more. We offer easy-to-use, air-tight packaging solutions to ensure maximum shelf life for chemical products.

We offer both standard packaging bags as well as customised packaging solutions based on the requirements of our customers. You can also include several additional features to your packaging bags to enhance the value of your chemical products.

You will find the following packages incredibly useful to pack chemical products.

These bags come with gussets on both sides that expand when you fill the bags with products. It also takes an ideal shape and offers hassle-free palletising and retailing. It also fits on shelves and provides efficient packaging of products for retailers.

Fine Pack offers different types of side gusset bags, including poly bags, foil pouches, paper pouches, quad seal bags, and much more. Our quad seal bag is an ideal choice if you want to pack heavy quantities of chemical products. The seals at the corners of the bag give additional support to the package.

Stand up pouches are an excellent choice for packing chemical products with their multi-layer lamination. The aluminium layer lamination of the packages provides excellent barrier protection to your products by preventing external air, moisture, and light.

We offer to stand up bags in different sizes, designs, colours, and more. You can get plain stand up pouches or windows to help the customers to preview the product. These packages also feature press-to-close zippers and tear notches to ensure extended shelf life for the product and ease of use for your customers. Your retailers also find the packaging bags easy to arrange on their shelves while ensuring high visibility.

We offer additional features for our bags to extend the lifespan of your product that has been packaged. It is a way to customise your bags for better shelf life protection and make your packages stand out in stores.

We provide one-way valves for degassing that allows the release of trapped air inside your package without allowing the entry of external air. You can also choose two-way valves to ensure hassle-free exchange of air between the bag and outside of the bag. Since we cover the valve with a filter paper, your products will be protected from infestation and dust.

You can also choose features like three-side seals, special zippers, gussets, biodegradable pouches and much more based on your requirements.

Chemicals cannot be carried along in any random package. Stand up pouches are widely used for delivering chemicals because of their durability and resistance against natural elements like moisture and air. Our stand-up pouches are reinforced with aluminium laminations to provide strength to them. You need not worry about any damage occurring to the pouches or the items inside during their transport.

We also make sure to not compromise the aesthetic value while providing quality. Our stand-up pouches are available in various designs, colours, and styles. If you are developing a brand, these pouches will help you create a distinctive impression.

There is more to our stand-up pouches and other packaging products that makes them special. We have vowed to contribute to making our planet a better place to live for future generations. We do so with our eco-friendly packaging products. We manufacture and supply biodegradable stand up pouches of the best quality across Australia. These pouches are your best solution for all chemical packaging problems.

Climate change is an increasingly serious issue that our world is facing. Biodegradable products are the need of the time and should be promoted. In such times, we at Fine pack stand proud as the leading biodegradable packaging suppliers of Australia. By investing in our products, you are not only helping yourself but the planet Earth as well.

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