Coffee comes in different varieties and flavours. Coffee manufacturers and suppliers need unique packaging bags that can reflect the characteristics and unique aspects of the beans and the ground coffee they sell. Apart from an attractive design, the manufacturers also search for packaging bags that can keep coffee fresh for a long time.

Fine Pack supplies a range of coffee packaging bags that are not only stylish but are convenient to the end users as well. Our coffee packaging bags are ideal for large and small coffee manufacturers. We design our coffee packaging bags that can enhance the value of the coffee brands of our clients.

If you are a coffee manufacturer, you will find our range of packaging bags accurately meeting your needs.

Also known as doy pouches or doy bags, stand up pouches are an excellent option for coffee packaging . The bag comes with a built-in base that makes it convenient for filling and display. We offer stand up pouches in different colours, sizes, and styles to give uniqueness to your coffee brand.

You can get metalised stand-up pouches that come with a lightweight design and offer extended product life. Window-styled pouches are also available with oval- or rectangle-shaped windows that help your customers to see the product inside.

Side gusset bags come with a design in which both sides of the bags expand from crimp while filling the product. We supply our gusset bags in different styles, including poly, foil, paper bags, and seal bags. We make these bags in various sizes that can carry coffee from some ounces to a few pounds

Our quad seal gusset bags feature a four-corner seal that helps the bag to provide extra support for heavier quantities.

These bags come with a flat, enlarged, and square bottom that helps people to keep it stand up for better display in shops. The bag features Rippa Zippa, and that makes it re-sealable. It also has a wide opening that allows easy packaging of coffee. Box bottom coffee bags combine the best features of stand-up pouches and quad seal side gusseted bags.

These bags are available from us in different sizes and designs. It is an excellent choice if you want to pack your speciality coffee.

These bags come with a tin-tie at the top of the bag. It helps the customers to reclose the bag after every use. Therefore, you can keep the ground coffee and beans inside the paper tin-tie bags fresh for a long time. You can also choose additional features such as custom labels and foil hot stamp printing to give a unique brand identity to your coffee. 

We provide custom printed and designed coffee bags that can represent the brand, appeal, and function of your coffee better. You have the option to customise the coffee bags with closures, valves, fitments, retort applications, and much more.

High Quality Coffee Packaging for Your Business

Call us today on (02) 9476 8588  to discuss your requirements for packing your coffee brand. You can also contact our coffee bags designers online to learn more about our packaging bag options.

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