Stock Products

Is there a requirement of minimum packaging bags to place the order?

Yes. Most of our products come with a minimum requirement of 500 packing bags per order.

How can I place my order?

Fine Pack offers three different ordering options to its clients

  1. You can create an account at https://finepack.com.au and buy the product.
  2. You can call us on (02) 9476 8588, and we will help you with the ordering.
  3. You can fax your product and order details to us at (02) 9983 0666.

What is the lead time for the packaging bags?

We usually dispatch your orders within 24-48 hours of ordering.

Why is it recommended to get samples before placing the order?

We recommend all our customers to get samples from us to confirm the packaging bags meet your requirements. Our package and product size descriptions are based on whole bean coffee. Therefore, people who want to pack other products may find the bag size does not ideally fit their needs.It is great if you can compare the sample product with your other products.

Do you offer discounts?

We offer volume discounts based on the number of packaging bags you order. You can contact our sales team for more information.

What are your shipping charges? Do you offer any shipping discounts?

You can contact our sales team for shipping charges and the discounts.

What are your shipping charges? Do you offer any shipping discounts?

You can contact our sales team for shipping charges and the discounts.

Do you ship internationally?

Though we are based in Australia, we deliver our packaging bags across the globe. We have an excellent customer base in the USA, Japan, Canada, and New Zealand. You can contact our sales team to learn more about our international shipping charges.

Custom Packaging

What is the lead time for customprint projects?

For new bags, our lead time is 10-12 weeks from the date of paper proof approval. The tear sample colour and etching of cylinders is also included with this lead time. After the proof approval, we take 2-2.5 weeks to receive the tear sample. Air shipping can cut down almost three weeks from the total lead time of 10-12 weeks.

Have you set any restriction on the number of colours when creating the artwork?

Most custom art projects come in eight colours. However, if you want to print the designs on tins, rice paper, and kraft paper, we limit it to seven.

What is the preferred colour choice when it comes to artwork creation, Pantone colours, or process colours?

It is always a great choice to use Pantone colour as it can provide specific colour matches and ensure consistent results in the long run. Process colours can only be used when there aren’t enough cylinders for the number of colours in the artwork. We often follow the strategy of consolidating or adding colours to ensure the best use of art and try to keep the colours in minimal cylinders.

Where can we get a professional grade colour proof?

It is created using a special “rip” software. You can get it done from most service bureaus and print shops. Since these types of proofs provide excellent target along with Pantone chips, we predominantly use these types of proofs.

Please explain paper proof, digital proof, the tear sample, and drawdown.

A paper proof is the full-scale copy of an artwork prepared on a professional proofing paper. A digital proof is the PDF form that sent through the online proofing system of Fine Pack. Tear samples are artworks printed on the substrate to print on the final product. We canoffertear samples with metallic, glossy, matte, and registered finishes. Drawdowns are colour samples of Pantone colours used for explaining how different colours appear on substrates.

What happens when you add matte over lacquer?

When adding matte over lacquer, it makes the colour either denser or lighter. Based on the colour you use, you will get various results.

Does a metallic ink or a registered white layer produce a better metallic look?

Metallic inks are an ideal option to give a metallic look on non-metallic bags. On the other hand, a registered white layer is useful for creating a metallic look for all the areas that are not backed in white.