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Fine Pack designs and supplies a vast range of garbage bags and bin liners to businesses as well as individual customers. Our products are ideal for homes, commercial spaces, offices, hotels, schools, and much more.

We make garbage bags from materials that offer high durability and tear resistance. Apart from being strong, these garbage bags are highly cost-effective to individuals and businesses. We offer different types of garbage bags that are made from recyclable materials to plastics. Businesses have the option to customise their product based on the material of make, size, thickness, and more.

At Fine Pack, we offer garbage bags that can carry from 10-25 litres to 350-370 litres of waste. While smaller garbage bags are ideal for households, larger ones are perfect to use in commercial buildings, hotels, and industrial workplaces.

The thickness of the bag is an important factor that determines the strength of the garbage bag. We provide all our bags in three different thicknesses: regular, tough bags, and heavy-duty bags.

You can use regular garbage bags for household and office trash. A 30-litre regular bag holds almost 5 kilograms of dry weight. Our regular garbage bags come with the thickness level of .90 mil as it can perfectly meet household requirements.

Tough bags come with better tear and puncture resistance, and it is an excellent choice for industrial applications. These bags can safely carry sharp objects, such as glass shards and needles.You have the choice to select a thickness level from 1.5 mil based on the trash you remove.

Heavy-duty bags are ideal for trash that weigh more, and these bags are thicker than tough and regular bags. These bags are also suitable for various industrial applications.We offer heavy-duty bags with thickness more than 3.0 mil as such bags should hold heavy loads.

At Fine Pack, we offer garbage bags in different colours. However, black trash bags are the most popular choice for businesses and individuals. Black garbage bags hide what is inside it, and it also goes great with stainless steel trashcans. Our customers also prefer to choose white trash bags as it goes well with surroundings.

Our garbage bags come with the best possible ways to control the odour of trash. However, you may find less promising results when you deal with particularly smelly trash, like rotten pasta salad or spoiled cheese.

You should choose the right trash bag based on your requirements. If you select a garbage bag of lower thickness than your requirement, it may puncture or rip apart. If you pick a garbage bag of higher thickness than your need, it can incur additional expenses for you. Therefore, it is always wise to choose garbage bags and bin liners that can match your requirements.

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