How Better Packaging Makes For Better Beverages

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There are a number of factors that need to be assessed when you are considering packaging for food-related items. One of the key elements is ensuring that the item will be attractive to the consumer when they are placed on the shelf. The other is that the product also needs to be in good condition so that there is no potential for loss or wastage of the items. Consumers will not be likely to keep purchasing a product if they find that the quality of the packaging is not reliable and there are times when they find that a product has been damaged during transit.

This means that we need to focus on providing packaging that is both able to effectively differentiate product brands, present well on shelves in retail stores, and ensure that the clients receive their product in the best possible condition for consumption. There has been ongoing development of packaging for beverages and the number and types of packaging have changed.

Australians Love Their Coffee

The consumption of coffee has become a regular part of our lives in Australia. And we like to have good coffee. It is an important aspect of who we are, and you are even able to find coffee machines now in out of the way places. The enjoyment of a really good cup of coffee is a great way to start the day and, of course, it can be an excellent lift during a busy day as well.

Being able to make good tasting coffee at home, or even at their place off work, has become an expectation for many people. Part of what provides them with the opportunity to enjoy their coffee is the quality of the packaging for the coffee. By ensuring that quality packaging is being used, the freshly roasted coffee will not lose the quality of flavour.

There is now specially designed modified atmosphere packaging that is ideal for roasted coffee beans and will allow the flow of carbon dioxide out of the packages without letting in any oxygen that could cause a reaction with the roasted beans. This reaction can alter the flavour of the bans and even cause a rancidity of the oils that play an important part in giving coffee its incredible aroma and flavour. There are even producers that have gone so far to fill the packages with nitrogen to ensure that the beans will not be affected by any oxygen.

The Three Popular Types Of Coffee Packaging

There are three major kinds of coffee packaging that are being used at the moment for larger quantities of the product. Each of these can stand on the shelf to help create a greater impression and provide a good basis for shelf appeal.

Flat Bottom Bag

The flat bottom bag is usually in the shape of a small brick. It has a flat base that makes it easy to stand. It has flat sides and the top is folded down, which makes it easy to pack in secondary packaging for transport. Because of the open rectangular shaped opening at the top, it is reasonably easy to fill whether a machine is being used or they are being filled by hand. This has made them a very popular product. You are even able to have the coffee product wrapped in generic plain packaging and then use an outer cover for branding.

Quad Seal Bag

The quad seal bag has become very popular. It can stand unassisted, has seals on the sides, and has an attractive style. It holds shape well whether beans or ground coffee is being sold.

Stand Up Plastic Pouch

The stand up plastic pouch usually has a round bottom and a flat top that can be sealed with a plastic type zip arrangement. This ensures that the product is kept fresh for longer. These tend to stand out and give the appearance of a premium product. Because of the complexity of this packaging, it tends to be more expensive than other packaging types available.

Clear Labelling

Clear labelling is very important to ensure that coffee consumers are very clear about the product they are selecting. The customer is looking for the information to be written in suitable language and to be easy to see. Giving information about the origin of the coffee and the type of roast can be valuable. Customers may also want to know what it is best used for, including the type of flavour, such as for espresso coffee.

Keeping the packaging design reasonably simple is sensible as well. Consumers have been bombarded visually with such a mix of packaging it becomes confusing. Offering simple styles that work well gives them confidence in the product.

Size Of Packagescoffee packaging bag

There has been a shift in the market in recent times. There has been much less brand loyalty as the range of products available has increased and people have realised that there is the opportunity to identify products that offer the quality and flavour they want.

There is also the factor that if they purchase large amounts of coffee and they drink it relatively slowly, they may be saving money through a bulk purchase, but the flavour of the coffee may deteriorate over time. This means that smaller packaging has become much more popular. It offers the customer the flexibility to try new products to identify their preferences. Once they have chosen that product, they may still want to buy larger quantities so there is still room in the market for the larger packages still.

Coffee roasters and suppliers also use the larger packets for supplying their coffee beans to cafes. However, the smaller sized packets are very popular and provide the flexibility many coffee drinkers are looking for.

Tea Packaging

There has been an ongoing battle between coffee and tea manufacturers recognising the importance of bringing a variety of products to their customers. An important part of attracting the attention of clients is the packaging, with both the graphic design work that goes with the marketing and the style of the packaging itself.

There has been a range of innovations in the type of tea bags that are now available with special sachets that look very attractive now providing products at the more elite end of the market. There is, of course, still the standard tea bag available as well. But if you are trying to make an impact, then it is a good idea to look at the style of packaging that you want to use to create a bit more shelf appeal and greater impact.

Tea products are available in a wide range of packaging formats. They come in boxes, packets, and bags of various styles, shapes, sizes, and designs. The traditional use of metal tea cans has dropped and paper bags are not used. There are loose teas as well as a variety of tea bags. There is a range of tea package sizes available, from large packets to small containers of tea bags. There has been a substantial amount of effort invested in new designs to attract tea drinkers to herbal tea products as well.

Stand Up Plastic Pouch

Stand up plastic pouches have been used for premium tea products as they are able to display the product clearly. These are often pyramid style tea bags or loose teas and herb tea mixes where you can see the ingredients. This packaging is very effective in showing the consumer exactly what they are getting.

Aluminium Packaging

The more standard packaging includes shaped aluminium packages where the tea bags are placed into packaging that is then placed inside a box. The sealed aluminium protects the ingredients of the tea bags from light, moisture, and air ensuring they remain fresh with excellent flavours.

Individual serve foil pouches have also become popular as they ensure the tea is kept fresh and they offer flexibility in how they are stored, transported, and used by the consumer. They are also very popular with commercial buyers.

For loose teas, there are packages with windows so that it is possible to see the tea leaves. There has also been substantial use made of a range of plastic packaging for covering boxes or to hold the tea product, whether it be a loose tea or tea bags. The use of aluminium packaging with plastic film offers an effective lightweight medium.

High-Grade Tea Packages

High-grade tea packages are an effective marketing tool in any kitchen. They look attractive and act as a constant reminder of the brand and type of tea being used. This ensures there will be repeat purchases of the product.

It has been recognised that the quality of the packaging will influence the buying decision of the consumer. With tea, they will be looking for packaging that will look good on a kitchen shelf and will not need any additional handling.


Both tea and coffee require effective packaging that will attract your targeted buyers. It is important to take advantage of your packaging to not only ensure that your consumers receive a fresh and delicious product, but also that they are clear on the branding of your company. Spending time selecting the most appropriate packaging for your beverage product will make a substantial difference to the effectiveness of your marketing and have a positive impact on your sales.

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