Specialty food / Natural products

Specialty food is a broad category that includes a range of foods, sauces, ingredients, snacks etc.

At Fine Pack, we can help with “free flowing dry/moist products” – products like snack mixes, nuts, pistachios, baking mixes, cookies and similar products. Package selection frequently requires a discussion or consideration of barrier requirements. Typical questions to consider include:

1.      Does your product stale easily when exposed to the atmosphere?

2.      If the product stales, how quickly (days, weeks, months)? 

3.      Do you know why your product stales (moisture? oxygen? etc..)

4.      Do you have a competitor with a package you admire…why?

Shelf appearance and your competitors play a big role in packaging. We offer a wide array of packaging for specialty food.

We suggest you start your review with stand-up pouches or paper tin-tie bags.