Technology and Resources

One-Way Valves

Fine Pack assembles one-way degassing valves during production. Our manufacturing and assembly operation is closely monitored through our QC department, and we are an approved supplier for large companies. Valves undergo a stringent quality process that is audited by customer and Fine Pack. Feel free to email us with any questions, or browse the one-way valve section for details.

Bag Production/Custom Printing

We take an active and interactive role in product quality. We extend the disciplines of our one-way valve production to our packaging suppliers:

  • Quality systems are established with all vendors.
  • Regular on-site quality reviews are conducted.
  • Certificate of Conformance with every production run.
  • A cross section of samples from each lot and a certificate of conformance are sent to Fine Pack in advance of shipments. 

Samples are also quality tested at Fine Pack.

Testing Equipment:

  • Tensile tester for bond strength material strength
  • Controlled heat seal tester
  • COF tester
  • Water Tank leak tester
  • Controlled temperature oven
  • Oxygen content analyzer
  • Specially designed valve testers