Industrial Garbage Bags

Industrial carry bags are ideal to use in the workplace as every industry needs specific carry bags based on their operational requirements. The quality and strength of industrial carry bags are the most important factors various industries should consider when they want to pick the right carry bags for them.

Fine Pack offers different types of industrial carry bags that can match the requirements of various industries and operations. We provide carry bags in different sizes and thicknesses to fit the needs of our industrial customers.

We offer both custom-made carry bags as well as standard bags. While most industries and operations find our standard bag range suitable to their needs, others rely on our custom-made carry bag capabilities.

Our standard industrial carry bag range includes the following:

  • Heavy Duty Garbage Bags
  • Pallet bags
  • Carton liners
  • Garbage bags
  • Infectious waste bags
  • Bin/drum liners

Our heavy duty garbage bags are ideal for packing bulky goods, and these bags come with excellent flexibility and optimal storage capabilities. Pallet cover bags are a great choice to protect pallets from dirt and dust. We also have pallet packaging bags to pack and transport pallets in various sizes.

Our carton liners are made from high-density polyethylene to hold your products, including food products, clean and safe inside cartons. These liners form a barrier between your product and the packaging bag.

We offer industrial garbage bags of different thicknesses to carry both heavy materials as well as sharp industrial waste. Our infection waste bags are helpful for industries that need the safe removal and disposal of bio-hazard waste products. The healthcare industry has great use of these bags.

Our bin liners are available in different sizes, ranging from 10-25 litres to 350-370 litres. We also make extra-large bin liners based on the requirements of industries.

Apart from that, we also design and supply custom bags for specific requirements. Our asbestos bags are made in accordance to Australian standards and ensures the safe disposal of waste materials that contain asbestos.

We design all our industrial carry bags by keeping an eye on the environment. While we have many industrial bags that are biodegradable and eco-friendly, we also offer carry bag solutions that can be recycled. We continuously innovate to give better carry bag solutions that can go along with the sustainability mission of various industries, without compromising the quality.

Our product range also includes reusable fabric carry bags. However, the carry bag option is only suitable for specific industrial operations.

We also have employed excellent quality and management systems for our industrial carry bag production line. We are also equipped with the state-of-the-art tools to offer efficient carry bag solutions to various industries. Additionally, we have an advanced testing laboratory with modern equipment to ensure quality and consistency for our carry bags.

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