Meat is a fine food that is consumed all over the world. It can spoil faster than vegetables due to a lot of atmospheric elements. Any type of food is packaged to provide safety from various damaging factors and the same is the case with meat. You don't want your fresh meat to go to waste. Unpacked meat is at a high risk of contamination. Such meat can turn hard and might even get its taste altered. Cross-contamination is another serious hazard that can arise during meat storage. Many people make the mistake of storing cooked meat with uncooked meat in freezers. If the uncooked meat is not packed correctly, it can cross-contaminate and risk serious health consequences. Therefore, meat packaging is so important, and we are all in to help you with it.

Fine pack has been supplying all kinds of packaging materials all over Australia for many years. Our products are known for their quality and we can assure you, you will get the same quality in our meat pouches. We understand how important food is as people are starving in all corners of the world. That's why we only manufacture high-quality meat packaging supplies to keep any food from getting wasted. Contact us today and purchase the best meat bags in Australia.

Our packages will protect your meat from germs, moisture, vapour, and everything that can harm its quality. The products we create are compatible with all kinds of meats. You can use them to store chicken, beef, mutton, etc. Our bags themselves are safe for your meat too. We only use the safest materials in the construction of everything we have to offer. Our workplace strictly follows hygienic guidelines to ensure the packages are not contaminated from the beginning.

We have got different types of meat bags for you to buy. You can also order full stock as we are more than capable of producing many units.  Here are the types of packaging bags that are best for your meat:

These stand-up pouches are extremely popular in the packaging industry. They are our most durable products thanks to extra lamination. These come in handy when you must deliver meat over long distances due to its durability. They are excellent for storage as well. You can erect them vertically which saves plenty of space.

Meat wrappers are the most used packaging applications used for storing meat. Layers of thermoplastic materials are wrapped around meat and then heat is applied to shrink them tight. This sealed packaging is essential for increasing the meat's shelf life. For frozen meat, there is nothing better than shrink wraps. We offer high-quality plastic wraps for meat at the best prices. Shrink wraps are highly cost-effective and you will never regret this investment.

You can order custom bags from us where you can choose every aspect of a bag. It includes shape, size, design, mechanism, material preferences, and much more. You can custom order full stock as well. Our modern equipment and committed workforce can produce bulk orders on time.

All you must do is contact us with your needs in your mind.

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