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Apart from our regular food packaging bags, Fine Pack also offers other packaging bags that can fit specific purposes. While some of these bags provide ease of handling, some other bags offer better preservation capabilities. Again, a few bags provide high visibility on shelves in stores.

If you are part of the food, agricultural, or consumer products industry, learning about our other packaging solutions can help you to offer an enhanced packaging experience to your customers. It can also provide you with significant savings in your operational and packaging costs while giving a better brand value for your products.

Retort pouches are for industries that need excellent barrier properties and superior shelf life for their products. This packaging bag solution is an alternative to industrial canning methods and can greatly fit the packaging needs for ready-to-eat food products. These bags are ideal for packing various foods and drinks as retort pouches are capable of maintaining the taste, freshness, and aroma of the products for a long time.

Our retort pouches are lightweight and shows excellent flexibility. Products in these bags also show excellent shelf space optimisation for retailers. The retort pouches can withstand high temperatures, and your customers can directly heat the food products using microwaves. With rapid heat penetration through the layers of retort pouches, your customers can save almost 40 percent of their cook cycle as well.

Spout pouches are ideal for packaging liquids as well as semi-liquid products. These packaging bags can replace the requirement for plastic containers and glass bottles. You can choose spout bags to pack beverages, shampoos, pastes, sauces, and various solid food products. In recent years, many oil companies havebegun using spout pouches to pack engine oil and other petrochemical products.

We produce spout pouches with excellent spill control, ease of use, and enhanced food safety. We offer spout pouch options with different types of spouts based on the products you pack. You can choose spouts bags with EC pour spouts, disc cap spouts, screw-cap spouts, quick-flip spouts, pull-top spouts, and much more.

These are custom designed and printed bags that can stand out on shelves at retail stores. When businesses need special packaging with unique printing to make their product stand out on shelves, custom printing boxes and shelf ready bags are the ideal solutions for them.

We prepare custom printed bags based on the inputs of our clients in colour, texture, material, design, and logo. Our custom printed boxes are ideal for corporate functions, special occasions, events, and much more. You can also use these bags as promotional material as well as to pack special edition products. Retailers also find these bags highly convenient to arrange on their shelves.

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