Fine Pack understands the importance of quality food pouches that can protect the aroma and flavour of pet foods. We have an excellent range of pet food pouches and bags that can fit the package requirements of any pet products, such as dog food packaging and treats, cat food packaging, kitty litter, birdseed, supplements for animals, and much more.

Be it dry foods, pet snacks, or nutritional supplements, our pouches offer excellent preservation capabilities for your pet products with high-quality making. All our packages come with designs that protect your products from moisture, puncture, odour, and vapour.

At Fine Pack, we offer packages with specific barrier/protection requirements based on the pet product type and its weight. We recommend medium and high barrier packages for all pet products to increase the shelf life of those products.

Our range of pet food pouches include the following:

These pouches are one of the most popular options for pet food packaging as it comes in different styles and sizes that suit the requirements of the industry. The pouches come with a gusset base that helps you to fill the pouch with the product easily. Additionally, you can better stall the products in shops for display.

We offer some unique varieties of stand up pouches. Our metalised pouches offer excellent shelf life for the product though it comes with a lightweight design. We also provide window styled pouches that help people to see the preview of the product through circular or rectangular windows designed on the bags.

The bag comes with a crimp that allows it to expand both sides after the product is filled. We heat seal the bottom of these bags to ensure support and maximum shelf period for your products. You have the option to choose the side gusset bags in different designs and sizes based on your pet product requirements.

We also design and supply quad seal gusset bags that feature seals in the corners of the bags. The seals help the bag to get additional support for heavy loads.

With a flat, square shaped bottom, these bags are a great packing bag choice if you want your product noticed from every angle. The bag comes with the best features of quad seal bags and stand up pouches. It provides you ample space to print your logo, company information, feeding instructions, and much more.

Our box bottom bags also come with Rippa Zippa with a wide opening. While the Rippa Zippa makes the bags re-sealable, the wide opening helps you to fill the bags with your products conveniently.

Spout bags are a good packaging solution if you produce vitamin and mineral supplements for pets. It is highly useful for liquid food supplements, and we can provide you spout bags in different designs and sizes based on your needs.

We designed these bags to provide excellent spill control, food safety, and ease of use to the customers.

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