The Perils Of Perishables: Why Packaging Is Pivotal In Protecting Your Products

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Food businesses face different challenges when it comes to product packaging. One of their major challenges is providing quality product packages that can increase the shelf life of the product while making it stand out on the shelves at stores.

Businesses that market perishable food products need to be more careful when it comes to packaging their products. The lack of proper packaging can damage food items and can ruin the reputation of the business.

The only option to address this challenge is using innovative packaging solutions that can improve the shelf life of such products and capture the imagination of customers with your package design and style.

Do you supply food products and are searching for options to add value to your products? Are you looking for great packaging options to prevent your products from being damaged due to external factors?

Before searching for packaging solutions, you should know why packaging is pivotal in protecting your products. Regardless of whether you market food, agricultural, chemical, or any other products, the packaging is critical for the acceptance of your products in the market.

Let’s see why packaging is highly important and what happens when your products don’t have proper packaging in place.


Protects The Product From Contamination Due to Air, Moisture, Micro-organisms

The biggest advantage of proper packaging is it safeguards the products from being damaged due to various external elements, such as air, moisture, and water. Good packaging also ensures that the products are protected from microorganisms and toxins.

While your products move in the retailer network or while being transported to the customer, poor packages may allow access to various elements and factors that can damage the products. Novel packaging options can withstand all such chemical, physical, and biological protection needs and protect your products from damages.

Today, the technology revolution has provisioned us with active and intelligent food packaging solutions. These packaging solutions interact with both food products as well as the environment.

Because of this, you will find better control of the respiration rate, lower oxidation, elimination of the moisture migration, and stopping any microbial growth. These intelligent packaging solutions come with odour absorbers, carbon dioxide emitters or absorbers, aroma emitters, ethylene removers, and more.

Such packages can also allow selective permeation of different gases to the packaged products. Note that all these options ensure the quality of the food and maximise its shelf life.

Do you have any questions on how these packaging systems work? The packages come with coatings, laminations, micro perforations, polymer binding, and co-extrusion. All these properties constitute and make the packages smart and intelligent to some of the most critical packaging challenges, especially for perishable food products.

One of the biggest examples of such packaging solutions is retort pouches. These packaging bags are an alternative to industrial canning methods and come with multiple layers of laminations using metal foils, plastic, and more.

Fine Pack offers retort pouches with excellent barrier protection features that ensure freshness, taste, and improved shelf life for various food products. We also have special packaging bags for perishable agricultural and chemical products.

Learn more about retort pouches and special packaging bags and how they can add value to your perishable food and agricultural products.

Prevents Wear, Tear, And Damages Of Product Packages

Poor packaging can lead to wear, tear, and damage to product packages during transit. It means that the products are at high risk of being damaged or lost while being transported to the retailer or the customer.

No customer or retailer will be happy to see the product packaging with wear, tear, tampering, or damage. Such issues consume the time and effort of you, retailers, and your customers. It also leads to significant monetary loss as you want to replace the products.

Further, the retailers and your customers will be discouraged to choose your products again, and the lack of trust can damage the reputation of your business. Modern product packaging solutions are more robust, versatile, and convenient to the needs of everyone in the supply chain network, including the customer.

The growth of online shopping demands better product packaging solutions that should be capable of withstanding the transit network. Note that once the product is out of your warehouse, you have only limited control over the product. Therefore, you should consider various risks that can occur in transit.

That is why it is vital for you to choose tamper-evident packaging solutions for your products. Low-density polyethene (LDPE) bags are known for great tamper proof qualities. Today, a majority of these bags come with reclosable zippers to make them convenient for the customers to use.

The quality of packaging becomes vital when the e-commerce industry is quickly grabbing diverse delivery methods, including the use of robots and drones. Make your product packaging bags flexible to all types of delivery methods. It’s your option to take a competitive edge against your competitors.

According to Business Insider, more and more online businesses and delivery companies are enthusiastic about using drone technology and began testing these services. It estimates that the global shipment for enterprise-class drones will be at a staggering rate of 66.8 per cent CAGR from 2017 to 2023.

Be ready for a drone revolution with tamper-proof, high-quality packaging for your products.

Avoids Product Spilling And Leaking

If you are the manufacturer or supplier of a perishable food item, you don’t want spilling or leaking of your products in the distribution network. As a food manufacturer who wants to provide quality solutions, you can’t think of losing your customers to your competitors.
Without proper packaging, perishable products tend to spill and leak, and that can downgrade the service you provide. This is especially true when you want to pack meat, semi-fluids, and liquid food products.

Compared to solid food items, these products need to be put in special types of packages to avoid spilling or leaking and ensure the quality as is. Spout bags are the most popular option for various industries when they want to pack liquids, semi-liquids, or anything that can spill or leak.

Spout bags are often custom made, feature caps, and work like bottles. Today, the bag is used for packing ketchup, carbonated drinks, fruit juices, and more.

The packaging bag is also a favourite choice for companies that make various consumer goods. You will find toothpaste, cleaning solutions, shampoos, and many other products in spout bags.

Fine Pack has an excellent range of spout bags and packaging bags for speciality food products. The bags are made from high-quality materials and known for excellent barrier protection capabilities. You can browse through the speciality packaging solutions and learn how these packages can answer your packaging challenges.

These bags come in unique designs that can help your products stand out on retailer shelves.

Improves Your Overall Business Performance

With excellent product packaging solutions, you can ensure comprehensive business performance for your business. Damaged or decayed products are an added expense for any business. Further, it is a liability for the trustworthiness and brand reputation of the business.

Modern packaging solutions can provide you with the right barrier protection properties. It means that your customers will find your products with an extended shelf life period, which they may find to be of great value. You won’t find too many food damage issues either.

Note that food damage issues get more headlines than ever in recent years due to the growth of social media sites and video channel platforms. An image, a video, or a social media share can damage the reputation of a business. It has happened several times in the past, and the only way to avoid such damage is by offering products that can be appreciated by the customers in the best way.

In addition to the benefits to your business, you are contributing to the food security of the world. With your quality service, you can demonstrate that you are committed to helping the planet, and you’re contributing your part. The customers will appreciate your efforts and will be more inclined to your brand.

Governments across the globe take stricter actions against the issues associated with spoiled food. The governments of Australia and New Zealand constituted a common statutory body named Food Standards Australia New Zealand in 1991 to develop food standards for both countries.

It regulates the overall food quality by developing standards and oversees every phase of food production and distribution, including packaging and labelling as well. By following the food standards in production, packaging, and supply, you also avoid the regulatory and noncompliance issues that can cost you significantly.


Consistent, high-quality food products are the requirement of different markets across the globe. While the concerns about food safety are hitting the headlines on a regular basis, you want to be careful to give a quality food product experience to your customers.

As discussed before, once you moved the food packages to the supply chain network, you have limited control over them. Quality packaging is the solution for most of the hassles in the distribution network.

At Fine Pack, we can give you insights on ideal packaging solutions that can make your service offerings to your customers seamless. Write to our packaging specialists using our contact us form, or call us on (02) 9476 8588. They will guide you to choose the best packaging options to protect your perishable food products.

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