What Are You Packaging?




Fine Pack is a leading packaging bag solution provider in Australia. With custom designed packaging bags and high-quality printing and design services, we have made a difference in our business. Because of this, we have an excellent client base across the globe, ranging from large corporations to small businesses.



What Are You Packaging?


Since we provide customised packaging solutions to businesses based on their requirements, almost all industrial and consumer products can get fitting packaging bags from us. However, we focus on food products and have specific, ready-made packaging solutions that can address the packaging requirements of the food industry.



We provide packaging solutions for the following products




Coffee requires careful packaging that can keep the delicacy of the ground coffee, coffee beans, or other forms of coffee. Fine Pack offers you coffee packaging bags with excellent barrier protection to extend the shelf life of your coffee products. Our block bottom bags, side gusseted pouches, and paper tin-tie bags are ideally designed to pack all types of coffee.


pet food packaging small

Pet Food


The pet food market is diverse with nutritional supplements, solid foods, snacks, and much more. As the market is vast, the packaging pouches for pet foods should have a standout design and good barrier protection features. You will find our side gusseted bags, box bottom bags, spout bags, and stand up pouches available wholesale will perfectly meet your pet food packaging requirements.



Speciality Foods


Specialty foods is a huge segment that ranges from nuts to baking mixes. You should choose packaging bags for specialty food items based on the shelf life of the product, and the effect of external factors such as atmosphere exposure, and much more. We offer specially designed stand up pouches, paper tin-tie bags, box bottom bags, custom designed bags, and much more to pack specialty food items by understanding its characteristics.


Agricultural prodcuts packs

Agricultural Products


Agricultural products need packaging bags with excellent high barrier protection as well as one-way valves to pack seeds, nuts, and much more. Our wholesale stand up pouches, custom made bags, and side gusseted bags are excellent choices for packing agricultural products as the bags can ensure complete protection and extended shelf life for the products.



Chemical Products


As one of the leading packaging companies in Australia, we offer packaging bags for agrichemicals, polymers, and much more. We provide side gusseted bags and stand up pouches to ensure high barrier protection. You can also include one-way valves to your bags to ensure degassing for the product.


Chemical products packs


Apart from that, we also provide packaging solutions for different types of consumer and industrial products, such as conditioners, shampoos, detergents, engine oils, pastes, and much more.




We have specific packaging solutions for liquids and semi-liquids, products that need heating including sterilisation, food products that require high-barrier protection, and much more. We always innovate and expand our packaging bag portfolio to give more customised solutions to our valued clients.



Why Are You Packaging?


By offering unique packaging bag solutions to businesses, we aim to increase the value of their products and services. With the packaging bags, we focus on the following objectives:



Promote And Sell


We strive to promote the products through impressive package designs that can entice customers to buy the product. With that purpose, we ensure that all our packages come with attractive, well made, and excellent standout features with consistent shape and colour.

We offer both digital printing and gravure printing to packaging bags. All our printing and design services are focused on increasing the visibility of the product on retailer shelves.





Through our packaging solutions, we ensure that your products are completely protected. Our flexible packaging patterns and designs come with multiple layers of various packaging materials, and that offers protection for your products from changing temperature, infestation, other environmental factors, and issues in the distribution channel.





The most important function of packaging bags is to store products conveniently for hassle-free movement in the distribution channel. At Fine Pack, we ensure that all our packaging bags come with an efficient packaging design for easy disbursing of products in the distribution network.





Through our packaging options, we try to increase the shelflife of your products. A majority of our packages come with highbarrier protection capabilities, and that ensures your products protected from moisture, air, and light. Our packaging innovation also helps you to preserve the freshness and flavour of your food products for a long time.


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