What Your Packaging Design Says About Your Product

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Do you know what makes the packaging of a product, be it food products, consumer goods, or anything else, important? Of course, businesses need to protect their products from damage and hazardous environments.

Today, the packaging is not just meant for that, rather it is the best way for businesses to promote their products to make more sales.

Do you want to endorse your products on the market and think that packaging is less important as long as you make quality products that can appeal the market? If so, you’re mistaken.

Imagine you’re going to a store to buy bath soap, shampoo, or cookies with blank thoughts in mind. Since you don’t have any brand affinity, you’ll try to choose your products based on other factors, such as online reviews, consulting with the store’s staff, identifying the package design of the product, going through the description of ingredients, and much more.

When a new product is introduced on the market, you can’t get enough reviews to make your judgement, even the stores may fail to provide you with valuable information. In such cases, packaging design becomes the most crucial factor in choosing your product.

Regardless of brand new or existing products, the packaging design becomes the biggest contributing factor for impulse buying. Researchers show that impulse buying makes up to 75 per cent of the total consumer spending today. It means the package design is crucial for the success of your product on the market; moreover, it decides the verdict of many products.

To help you understand the importance of your package design, let’s discuss what the package design speaks about your product.

The Value Of The Product

When it comes to package design, it primarily and explicitly speaks about the value of the product packaged inside it.

Note the packaging of Domino’s Pizza; it comes with a unique design that can truly reflect the value of the product. Its simple, elegant packaging adds value to the Italian pizza brand and gives it an instant appeal to people to go for it.

Did you know every aspect of the package design, including the packaging style, the colours, the images, the logo, and more, communicates to customers and help them to decide on the product?

While a unique package design can increase the value of your product, a poor one can degrade the product. It is one of the primary reasons why reputed businesses choose custom packaging for their products.

You can’t think of Bausele watches or rare Kopi Luwak coffee beans coming in poor packaging. With the colour scheme, simplicity, and consistency of design, elegance, and the placement of branding elements, every element of your packaging design becomes crucial in deciding the value of the product in it.

How Much You Value Your Customers

The package also speaks about how much you value your customers. Special packages and custom


packaging solutions are a way to delight customers and make them feel they are special to you.

If you’re in the consumer goods industry, especially the competitive food industry, you should ensure that you value your customers in every aspect. Product packaging is one of the best ways to achieve it.

Innovative packaging solutions can simplify the handling of products for retailers as well as customers with ease of use, optimised storage, and more.

You have several options to ensure value with your product package designs. Firstly, give importance to product packaging. If you are selling food products, you can choose package designs with zip closures. The inclusion of zip closures helps customers to keep the product airtight when they are not using it.

With uniquely designed zip closures, you can also make your product packages more appealing and stylish.

Packaging bags with zip closures also increases the shelf life of the products and gives more value to the customers. Rather than a design factor, it is a feature that your customers appreciate for your food products.

Similarly, box-type packaging design is a great choice for products that need to be shipped to the customers. It reduces the hassles of product damage during transit, and your customers will see it as an indication of how much you value them.

How Much You Value Your Brand

Every package is a medium for marketers to convey their messages to customers as well as potential customers. That is the reason most businesses use packaging as an option for establishing a brand image through package branding efforts.

With your packaging, people can identify how much you value your brand – a signal to how you value your business.

Can you recall the design of the BVLGARI perfume packages and how impressively those packages speak about the brand? The packages come with bold designs that prominently print the brand name on top of the packages.

The elegant, bold design of the package and the brand name printed on it mutually complement each other and add value of the product as well as the BVLGARI brand. Beware, you may become a fan of the brand after seeing their package design! That is the power of brand marketing using packaging.

Based on the product type, you can design your packages that can stand out and appeal to your customers with the brand name, logo, and other brand assets. While minimalistic designs that highlight the brand name and logo can greatly work for gadgets and electronic products, colourful designs can be ideal for foods products.

Gives A Clue About What Is Inside

You can visibly give information about what is packed inside your product packet. If you have a product that has some unique appeal, try to print the image of that on the product packaging.

It helps the customers to know what the product looks like without opening the packaging. iPhone packages are one of the finest examples of printing their product images to let its customers know how the product looks. Apple markets its phones in boxes with the image of the phone printed on top of the package. The images are sharp, high-quality prints that can invoke the consumers to choose these phones.

Most electronic gadget makers follow a similar strategy of imprinting their products on packages, but not necessarily in a simple, elegant, and clean manner like iPhones.

It is a great packaging branding option if you are marketing food products and consumer goods. The packages with product images can lead to impulsive buying. It also gives you an advantage by giving better visibility to the products on retailer shelves.

Tells About The Characteristics Of Your Product

With your package design, you can let your customers know more about the characteristics of your products. Packages with certain colours represent particular products or specific characteristics.

For instance, seafood products often feature blue as its primary colour, as it is related to water and oceans. Similarly, the colour green is used on the packages of food products that have low calories and low fat. In recent years, the colour green became synonymous with organic products and for sustainability around the globe.

If you want to market cosmetics, food products, clothing, or anything that is environmentally friendly, you can choose a green packaging design to let your customers know that. Since people have gained great regard for eco-friendly products in recent years, you will find your products to be more appealing to customers if they have green packaging.

The colour white represents freshness and purity, and it is the preferred choice for dairy products, kitchen and bathroom products, and more. You can choose the colour if you want to let your customers know your products are fresh and pure – this is particularly important for food companies.

The black colour is an excellent choice if you want to give a sense of extravagance to your products. Consumers think that products with black packaging are sophisticated, top quality, and luxurious. Choose the colour of your product packaging only if your product is a luxury item. Otherwise, it may confuse people and backfire your branding plans at the end.

You can also use specific colours for gender-specific products. More than 57 per cent of men like the colour blue the most, and you can use blue for your packages if you want to target men with your products. Green and black can also impress men and can be great choices for masculine products.

When it comes to products for women, purple, blue, green, and red are good choices for the product packaging.


Your package design gives multiple clues about your products, including the value of the brand, and the characteristics of your business. Thus, an effective package design is a great way to convey the right message to your audience.

Modern package printing options such as gravure printing and digital printing have made unique package designs possible to produce a large number of packages with a quick turnaround.

At Fine Pack, we provide custom printing services that use high-quality images that are printed on various product packages. We also have expert package designers to help you to get the best package design that can combine the imaginations of your customers with your product and industry characteristics.

Our designers will work with you as we want to ensure that your thoughts on package designs are rightly included with other aspects of designing.

Learn more about the digital printing and gravure and flexo printing that Fine Pack offers and see how you can exploit modern package design and printing options for your products and business. Call (02) 9476 8588 today for more information.

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