Gravure Printing For Packaging Bags

Gravure is the primary choice for printing bags when businesses need mass printing. Since it ensures long-run, high-quality, and high-speed printing, this printing technology has got widespread recognition. It is a type of intaglio printing that produces detailed images on packages.

Fine Pack is a premier provider of gravure printing services for packaging bags in Australia. The printing technology works similar to offset printing press and ensures the complete range of tonal values in images. Our gravure printing is highly flexible, and you can order printed food packaging bags in different sizes and formats.


What Is It?

Gravure printing is a direct and simple printing process where the image is acid-etched on a metal cylinder in some cell patterns. The cells are attached to the cylinder and make it level with the plate. The cylinder is then allowed to rotate through the ink pan for making the cells to collect the ink.

The ink from non-image areas gets removed by a doctor blade. It helps the ink to print on the surfaces of the packaging bags correctly. Transferring the ink to the bags is done with the help of an impression roller. Since the impression roller is electrostatically charging, the operators of the printer should not use inks with metallic pigments due to their conductive nature.

The Advantages Of Gravure Printing

Gravure printing produces excellent quality packaging bag printing with quick results. The printing showcases better ink laydown, and it ensures consistent print quality. This is the reason why the food industry primarily depends on gravure printing to get high-quality logos and images printed on food packaging bags.

Gravure printing is the best option for businesses who need extremely long runs. The cylinders prepared for printing are highly durable and last for a high number of impressions. Since it is a fully-automated process, the printing does not cause significant labour costs, and that reflects in the total printing charges.

However, this option comes with high origination costs, especially for setting up cylinders. Also, it is not a suitable or an affordable choice when it comes to shorter print runs.


What Makes Our Gravure Printing Different

We offer custom gravure printing services, and you can expect the charges based on the colour count of the design as well as the complexity of the design. If you need to get printed coffee bags with some simple designs, you will find it to be very cheap compared to some complex designs. At Fine Pack, we offer cylinder designs at competitive rates and help you with the production design.

We consider multiple factors for the minimum number of printing. The minimums vary according to the printing substrate used, the style of bags, and total square meters. You can contact our sales team to know the minimums based on the size and style of your packaging bags.

At Fine Pack, we are excited to work with your designers and ensure full design services for you based on your requirements.

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